Daniel Dombrowsky

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Composer for Film / TV / Video Games




L.A.-based DANIEL DOMBROWSKY is a film / TV / video game composer and songwriter with over 20 years of music industry experience. 


From making noise in neighborhood garage-bands to headlining clubs; from working side by side with legends of music to being a record label exec, Daniel has explored every corner of the industry and brings that breadth of experience to every project.


On any given day, Daniel can be found in his LA studio talking to his dog Moe, and creating the unique sound of different hit TV series such as “The Carbonaro Effect”, “South Beach Tow”, “Big Easy Justice” and “On The Rocks”.  


In addition to writing for TV and trailers, he works closely with visionary filmmakers and game designers to create the sounds of their narrative worlds.  Recent projects include “The Ningyo”, “The Green Ruby Pumpkin” (Miguel Ortega), “Ink & Steel”, “Predatory” (Patrick Ward-Perkins & Jonathan Ehlers), “Northfield” (Cameron Schwartz) and “Dead Acres” (Glow Stick Games).  


In the advertising realm, Daniel has also crafted the soundscapes of various ad campaigns, including, Renaissance Day Of Discovery 2015, the Marriot Mobile App and the 2016 Tongal Award nominated song for the International Delight campaign.


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